BigRed//Hacks is the oldest student-run, large-scale hackathon at Cornell University.

Across three days, students from all across the US will gather to build the coolest and most innovative projects, meet amazing people, and win some prizes along the way!

This year, BigRed//Hacks seeks innovation in education. This will mean something different to every person. Perhaps, this means transforming the classroom, which has looked relatively the same for the past 100 years, into a dynamic experience for the next generation with technologies as reactive as students. To others, this will mean using the wide reach of the internet to ensure education is truly the great equalizer for the underrepresented, the quiet, and the forgotten. To you, this should mean something special; the experiences we live through, the opportunities we take, and the people who touch our lives and shape who we are. Education happens both within and without the classroom, and convention should not limit what you decide to build. We want you to learn and show others how to learn. We want you to speak with your audience and be spoken to. Most of all, here at BigRed//Hacks, we want you to be empowered and empower others.

* We encourage all developers regardless of technical ability or hackathon experience to apply. Admission and food is free for all hackers.


Please see for more details!


Submission must be an original piece of software, where a significant portion of the code and functionality was designed and written by the team members.

No part of the submission may be created outside of the 36 hour hackathon window, and any external code, images, or content must be equally available to all participants, licensed with permission to use, and follow all applicable laws.

Submissions must follow all applicable laws, may not promote copyright infringement, and may not be obscene or made with the purpose to marginalize or offend any group of people.

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$19,366 in prizes

Best Laugh

Awarded for the hack that makes us smile (even if for the wrong reasons)!

Best Hack for Social Good by JPMorgan Chase

· Social Impact – how well does the solution address the challenge or problem?
· Innovation and Creativity – how creative is the solution? Does it bring new ideas and approaches to solving the problem?
· Completeness of Solution – is the solution finished? Does it work? Is there a roadmap for future enhancements?
· Sustainability – is the solution sustainable within the context of the community it’s aiming to impact?
· Design - is the solution well thought out and designed?"

Best Scaleable Hack by Datto

Most Innovative

Awarded for the hack that pushes the boundaries of what we consider possible!

Best Hardware

Awarded for the most interesting hardware-based hack!

Best Educational Hack

Awarded for the hack that best embodies the mission of this year's hackathon!

Best Design/UI

Awarded for the hack that looks and feels the best!

Best Business Proposal

Awarded for the hack that should be further pursued as a business prospect!

Best Technical Feat

Awarded for the most technically challenging hack!

Amazon Web Services - Best Use of AWS

$250 Amazon Web Services Credit

Best Domain Name from

Raspberry Pi & PiHut Essential Kit


Given for the best use of ITG data OR is fintech-related!


Best use of Microsoft Technologies!

GCP ML Prize

For the best use of GCP in a Machine Learning specific hack

GCP General Prize

For the best use of GCP in a hack!


For the best use of Mathworks in a hack!

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

Register online at ! Once accepted, your dashboard will give you more details on travel reimbursement, buses, and other information!


Keshav Dhandhania

Keshav Dhandhania
Compose Labs Inc.

Tom O'Connell

Tom O'Connell
Code Interactive

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
    Is the idea original and unique, or just a copy of something that already exists?
  • Technical Difficulty
    How difficult was the project to build? Of the technologies used, were they used well?
  • Aesthetics
    Does the project look put together and complete? How is the user experience?
  • Potential
    Could you see this project being used in the future beyond the hackathon, or is it just a one-time deal?
  • Demonstration
    How well did the team demonstrate their project?

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